Plots of neural sixgram models

Path langsim.modules.local_lm.plot
Executable yes

Produces various plots to help with analysing the results of training a neural_sixgram model.

Note that this used to be designed to support other model types, but I’m now cleaning up and only supporting neural_sixgram2.


Name Type(s)
model KerasModelBuilderClass
vocabs list of Dictionary
corpora list of TarredCorpus<IntegerListsDocumentType>
frequencies list of NumpyArray


Name Type(s)
output PimlicoDatatype


Name Description Type
distance Distance metric to use ‘eucl’, ‘dot’, ‘cos’, ‘man’ or ‘sig_kern’
num_pairs Number of most frequent character pairs to show on the chart (passed through the composition function to get their representation) int
min_token_prop Minimum frequency, as a proportion of tokens, that a character in the vocabulary must have to be shown in the charts float
lang_names (required) Comma-separated list of language IDs to use in output comma-separated list of strings